Under eye (Tear Trough) Fillers are a popular choice for those looking to reduce the appearance of eye bags and dark circles.

By using injectable fillers, also known as eye fillers, this procedure can help restore volume under the eyes and smooth out wrinkles. This is an ideal solution for patients who have deep-set eyes and those who have lost volume under their eyes due to ageing.

The treatment results in a natural-looking, youthful appearance. In Singapore, this procedure is performed by experienced aesthetic doctors who are trained to administer eye fillers safely and effectively. Patients can expect minimal downtime after the procedure and can be back to their normal activities almost immediately. With under eye fillers, patients can look refreshed and rejuvenated with minimal effort.

Under eye (Tear Trough) Fillers are a safe, fast and effective way to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and dark circles while restoring volume under the eyes. If you’re looking for an eye filler in Singapore, be sure to consult with a trained and experienced aesthetic doctor who can answer any questions you may have. With their help, you can enjoy a natural-looking, youthful appearance that will make you look and feel refreshed.

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Understanding Your Tear Trough

Dr. Choong

Dr Y.B. Choong

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Sunken Eyes or Tear troughs are depressions that occur beneath the eyes, making them appear sunken and exhausted. The depressions are caused by a number of factors, including age-related volume loss, genetics and lifestyle. Volume loss is the most common cause – as we age, the fat pads in our faces tend to move away from the area below the eyes. This leads to a hollowed-out, shadowed appearance in the tear trough area. Genetics and lifestyle can also contribute to tear troughs – those with thinner skin or who smoke or lead an unhealthy lifestyle may be more prone to developing them.

Tear Trough Deformities can be Classified into two groups:

Class I

Class I tear trough deformities are those where the hollows beneath the eyes are only mildly visible with normal eye movements and no skin laxity. It also happens when the central area of the lower eyelid is sunken or concave, making the eyes look hollow and tired.

Class III

On the other hand, Class III tear trough deformities are characterized by severe hollows beneath the eyes due to fat and skin laxity, making the eyes look gaunt and aged. It is also categorized as Class III when the full length of the lower lid is sunken inwards, often accompanied by dark circles or bags under the eye.

Non-Surgical Under Eye (Tear Trough) Fillers

Under Eye (Tear Trough) Fillers can help restore volume to the area under the eyes and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, dark circles, eye bags, and hollows. Non-surgical eye fillers are a safe and effective way to achieve a more youthful appearance with minimal downtime or discomfort. In Singapore, these fillers are administered by experienced aesthetic doctors who understand the anatomy of the eye area and can tailor the treatment to your individual needs.

The most popular fillers used for this procedure are hyaluronic acid-based fillers, which help to restore volume and create a smooth, youthful appearance. The treatment is quick and simple – usually taking only 20-30 minutes – and the results are immediate. Patients can expect to look refreshed, rejuvenated and more youthful with minimal effort

Immediate Results

20-30 minute procedure

How Is The Treatment Performed?

The under eye area is injected with a blunt tip needle to ensure accuracy and reduce the risk of bruising. By using under eye filler, it can give you natural-looking and long lasting results that improve the overall appearance and texture of your under eye area.

The under eye fillers used have varying viscosity depending on the desired outcome; thicker fillers are used for under eye bags, while lighter fillers are used to reduce under eye hollows and dark circles. The choice of filler also depends on the severity of the under eye issues; your practitioner will be able to assess this during your consultation.

The results from using under eye filler can be dramatic yet subtle, giving you a refreshed, youthful look. The under eye filler generally lasts up to a year, although results may vary depending on the individual.

At our clinic, we offer under eye filler treatments for both men and women looking to reduce under eye bags or dark circles and achieve a more youthful appearance.

Who Is Suitable For Under Eye (Tear Trough) Fillers?

Tear trough filler treatment can be an effective solution for those looking to:

Aftercare For Eye Fillers

Fillers are considered safe treatments under the hands of an experienced doctor, and results can be visible immediately. The accurate and more natural-looking results of the under eye filler treatment will only come 1-3 days after the treatment when the swelling subsides.

However, after under eye filler or eye bag fillers treatment, it is important to take the following precautions for best outcomes:

Reversing Your Fillers

Reversing eye fillers under the eyes, also known as under eye tear trough fillers or eye bag fillers, is relatively easy. Hyaluronidase can be used to dissolve the filler and undo its effects. This means that if you don’t like the results of your under eye filler treatment, you have the option of reversing it quickly and easily.

However, it’s important to speak with your doctor to ensure that hyaluronidase is the best treatment for you and that it won’t have any adverse side effects. If under eye fillers aren’t right for you, there are also non-invasive alternatives such as laser treatments that can help reduce under eye bags. Your doctor will be able to advise you on the best treatment for your needs.


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